Take a look at
which is "Love Thy Neighbor? Carpooling, Relational Costs, and
the Production of Social Capital" by Kerwin Kofi Charles and
Patrick Kline at the U of Michigan.



Edward Vielmetti
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who walks to work, which also facilitates social capital

On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Stefan Kaufman wrote:

> Hi,
> I am researching the relationship between social capital and the incidence
> of carpooling on my campus at the Australian National University. The
> theoretical angle I have chosen is strongly network analysis flavoured,
> focusing on a definition of 'social capital = access + resources' as per
> Folley and Edwards definition and as earlier defined by Bourdieu's forms of
> capital theory. This focus calls for network identification and typology
> relevant to drivers to the campus, measurement of normative values of trust
> and reciprocity within networks, measurement of bridging potential between
> networks and measurement of the types and fluidity of resources accessable
> within them.
> I have not as yet come accross any previous studies linking carpooling with
> social capital, social networks or social support indicators, although I am
> new to social network research beyond some coverage in my sociology major.
> Can anyone point me to some such studies?
> thanks,
> Stefan Kaufman
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