Below you will find a job announcement for a full professor in sociology
at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Interested candidates are requested to
send their application to the address mentioned below. If you would like
to recommend qualified candidates, please contact Werner Raub at
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Position available

Full Professor in Sociology, in particular empirical research (full time,
tenured) Department of Sociology / ICS Utrecht University Netherlands

The Department is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Utrecht
University. The Department of Sociology is responsible for teaching
sociology at the undergraduate and graduate level (Bachelor's, Master's,
and Ph.D. degrees). The research of the Department is part of the
Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS).
The ICS is a research and graduate school recognized by the Royal
Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) at the Universities of
Groningen, Utrecht, and Nijmegen. The Utrecht Department of Sociology and
the ICS are oriented toward problem-guided and systematic theory
elaboration, the integration of theory and empirical research using
advanced statistical models, and an interdisciplinary approach. In
Utrecht, this research strategy is developed and applied in fields such as
social inequality, problems of coordination and cooperation, households
and the labor market, social networks and social capital, and policy
studies. External evaluations of the teaching and research program of the
Department such as the major evaluations by the Association of the
Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) have consistently produced very
favourable results. The Department hosts numerous research projects and
programs with funding from the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) and the
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

The vacancy

The new full professor should be an excellent sociologist who is able to
contribute to maintaining and further developing the high quality of
teaching and research of the Department and the ICS. His/her profile
 -       Ph.D. degree in one of the social sciences, preferably
-       broad experience in teaching and research,
-      strong publication record with contributions to major journals in
        sociology and social research,
-       broad expertise with empirical research in sociology, including the
        analysis of quantitative data using advanced statistical models,
-       broad expertise in one or more special fields of sociology,
-       able to initiate innovative, large scale research programs,
-       good record in generating external research funding,
-       strong network of contacts,
-       able and willing to contribute to the management of the Department as
        well as the ICS.

Teaching obligations of the new full professor are in undergraduate and
graduate programs (Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees) in sociology
and the social sciences at Utrecht University and the ICS, including
supervision of individual Ph.D. students.

The research of the new full professor focuses on the application and
testing of sociological and social science theories and hypotheses in
empirical research. He/she will be responsible for the design and
execution of innovative empirical research in sociology as well as the
analysis of social science data, preferably with an emphasis on survey
research and the analysis of survey data using advanced statistical
models. He/she contributes to the integration of theory, empirical
research and data analysis. He/she stimulates collection, analysis, and
documentation of social science data by other ICS researchers. He/she will
be responsible for generating external research funding. The new full
professor specializes in one or more fields of sociology that fit with and
complement the available expertise of the Utrecht Department of Sociology.
The research initiated by the new full professor will provide a context
for research by Ph.D. students and postdocs.

Management responsibilities of the new full professor include
contributions to the management of the Department, various undergraduate
and graduate teaching programs, and the ICS graduate and research school.

The appointment should take place as soon as possible.

Additional information:

Informal inquiries: prof. dr. Werner Raub, phone +31-30-253 19 67 and
+31-70-512 27 00, email [log in to unmask]

A more detailed description of the vacancy (in Dutch) is available at Ms.
D. van Ginkel, afdeling Personeel & Organisatie van de Faculteit Sociale
Wetenschappen, phone +31-30-253, email [log in to unmask]

More information about the Utrecht Department of Sociology (partly in
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