On 2 Jan 2002 at 12:17, Clive Baldwin wrote:

> Alternatively, are there other packages that can be used to draw
> networks from data entered into a matrix?
> What I want to do is to plot the strength of relationships between
> categories and be able to have a network drawn showing the relative
> closeness of categories.  Hence the matrix will not be a binary matrix
> but will use real numbers to express the strength (closeness) of two
> categories.
> Does anyone have any ideas?

   Try with Pajek (on Windows)
   It's free.

   I attached to this message an example network ( -
   for test run and to see the format of network data.
   To produce the picture in Pajek do the following
       File/Network/Read    - select the network file
       Options/Values of lines/Similarities
       Options/Mark vertices using/Labels
       Options/Lines/Different widths
       Options/Size/of lines/ 2
       Layout/Energy/Frucherman Reingold/3D
    using  x, y, z  keys rotate the picture to produce a good 2D view
    of the network
    to obtain the bitmap picture similar to the attached one (I transformed
    the BMP picture into PNG format to reduce its size -
    from 1623 K  to 16 K  !!!!).
    Higher quality pictures can be obtained by selecting some other
    output format.

    Happy New Year,    Vlado

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