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Enclosed please find a short list of articles on neighbours and social
networks compiled by my colleague Anna-Maria Salmi. The list is
based both on Anna-Maria's own work as well as on the replies from
Socnet members. The list is certainly not complete: please send your
additions to my e-mail address: [log in to unmask]

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Markku Lonkila
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Articles focusing on neighbours or where neighbours are studied in
connection to other types of relationships:

Broese van Groenou, M.I., & van Tilburg, T.G. (1996). The personal
network of Dutch older adults: A source of social contact and
instrumental support. In H. Litwin (Ed.), The social networks of older
people: A cross- national analysis (pp. 163-182). London: Praeger.

Campbell, Karen E. & Barrett A. Lee (1992). Sources of Personal
Neighbor Networks: Social Integration, Need, or Time? Social Forces,
70, 1077-1100.

Campbell, Karen E. & Lee, Barrett A. (1990): Gender Differences in
Urban Neighboring. Sociological Quarterly, 31, 495-513.

Espinoza, Vicente (1999): Social Networks Among the Urban Poor:
Inequality and Integration in a Latin American City. In Barry Wellman
(ed.): Networks in the Global Village. Westview Press, 1999.

Klein Ikkink, C.E., & van Tilburg, T.G. (1998). Do older adults'
network members continue to provide instrumental support in
unbalanced relationships? Journal of Personal and Social
Relationships, 15, 59-75.

Klein Ikkink, C.E., & van Tilburg, T.G. (1999). Broken ties:
Reciprocity and other effects on the ending of older adult's
relationships. Social Networks, 21, 131-146.

Lee Barrett A. & Karen E. Campbell (1999): Neighbor Networks of
Black and White Americans. In Barry Wellman (ed.): Networks in the
Global Village. Westview Press, 1999. relationships:

Thomése, G.C.F., & van Tilburg, T.G. (2000). Neighbouring networks
and environmental dependency: Differential effects of neighbourhood
characteristics on the relative size and composition of neighbouring
networks of older adults in The Netherlands. Ageing & Society, 20, 55-

van Tilburg, T.G. (1998). Losing and gaining in old age: Changes in
personal network size and social support in a four-year longitudinal
study. Journal of Gerontology, 53B, S313-S323.

van Tilburg, T.G., de Jong Gierveld, J., Lecchini, L., & Marsiglia, D.
(1998). Social integration and loneliness: A comparative study among
older adults in the Netherlands and Tuscany, Italy. Journal of
Personal and Social Relationships, 15, 740-754.

Wellman, Barry & Wortley, Scot (1990). Different Strokes from
Different Folks. Community Ties and Social Support. American Journal
of Sociology, 96, 558-588.

Völker, Beate & Henk Flap (1997). The Comrades’ Belief: Intended and
Unintended Consequences of Communism for Neighbourhood
Relations in the Former GDR. European Sociological Review, 13, 241-

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