Access to the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts version of PsycINFO is now
available at all SUS institutions. While it isn't a trial, its length of
availability isn't known either; following is Michele Newberry's respnse to
my question about its status.

        "It isn't a trial and will be with us for awhile.  CSA made the
offer to turn on
        PsycInfo at no cost over what we're already paying the APA and the
ECC accepted
        it.  Go ahead with the DBL links.  It remains to be seen how long
they will be
        willing to do this for free, but I thought it couldn't hurt."

I've derived a new DBL record for this version, and have added the note
"ALERT! Available for an indefinite period by special agreement with CSA.
Also available in WebLUIS."

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

I also noticed that UNF and FSU had local 598's in the WebLUIS record, and I
have left them in the derived CSA record. If you don't want the CSA version
to come up in search results, you need to remove your codes.

598/2:  : |a nfpsyc psychology psychological nfsoc sociology
598/3:  : |a fsant fsedu fslc fsmed fspsy fssw