We'll be seeing many of you very soon in New Orleans. A few last minute
items for your information ...

*** T-shirts ***
Conference t-shirts will be on sale, U.S. $10 a piece -- Bring your money!
They are both 'hot' and 'cool' at the same time!   -- also useful if your
baggage takes a different route than you do!

*** Airport Shuttle ***
The Airport Shuttle service will take you to and from the airport. It's
easily found at the airport by following signs. Cost is $10 one -way. You
can book your return at the same time which will give you a good idea of
how early you have to be at the New Orleans airport.

FYI. You *do* need 2 hours before flights when leaving the New Orleans
airport. Once you check in, you may need an hour or more to get through
the security line.  If your flight leaves at the same time as many others,
it will be a long line -- be patient and bring a book! (+coffee, picnic,
friends ...). This past January, it took nearly 1 1/2 hours to clear
security on early morning flights.

*** Program Changes ***
We have been alerted to changes, additions and deletions since the program
was printed on Saturday. Notes about changes will be displayed at the
registration desk. Please have a look when you register.

*** Talks ***
All papers have a 30 minute slot. Please keep your talks to 20-25 minutes,
leaving time for questions and exchange of ideas.

*** Banquet FULL ***
Please do not sign up for the banquet online. All seats are taken.
However, there may be cancellations once we're there. Again, check at the
registration desk.

*** INSNA Memberships ***
Some of us (blush!) have been delinquent on our INSNA memberships. If you
have not done so beforehand, be prepared to make amends when you register
for Sunbelt.

See you all very soon in New Orleans.

/Caroline & the UIUC Programming Committee

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Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Coordinator, Information Technology Studies Minor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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