On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, danah boyd wrote:

> If there are any comic book fans out here, this is just adorable:

See also Slashdot

Marvel Universe Is Almost Like *Real Life* Society
    from the scary-as-heck dept.
    posted by Hemos on Friday February 22, @14:05 (science)

where a cluster of geeks proves that they don't understand very
much about social network analysis, (or) that the reporting that
went into this missed a thing or two about lead up to the story
for the uninitiated.  (Somewhere in there the fact that the
research was based on an existing compendium of Marvel lore and
not done from scratch was missed.)

Slashdot itself would be an interesting social network to study;
there's a peer ranking system where people hand out points to
posters depending on how highly they rank their comments, and
only the high ranking comments get shown to readers who
configure their accounts accordingly.



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