I'm experimenting with locating clusters in a network and
analyzing a structure for fragility by removing links between
pairs of nodes that each have high betweenness.  The algorithm
is pretty easy; look at the list of nodes ranked by betweenness,
determine if the top two nodes have a link, if so snip it; if
not, search iteratively through the list for the pair of links
with the highest combination.

Is there any standard metric that computes link centrality
directly?  (A reference would be good.)  Intuitively it would
seem to be the "path that's in the most geodesics in the
network", and so it should be just about as hard to compute as
node centrality.  Google on "link centrality" turns up nothing.

The motivation for thinking of links as items in their own right
is simply that from telecommunications networks, where the
circuit between two devices is the source of at least as much
cause for analysis as the endpoints.



Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
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