I've taught MBA courses on networks, but unfortunately there aren't many on
inter-organizational relations that I know of.  I'd love to find out about
more myself.  Here are three that I've had good experience with though:

1. A good case for analyzing issues of status and conflict is the
Leasco-Chemical Bank takeover battle from the late 1960s, which is recounted
in Chapter 10 of John Brooks, The Go-Go Years.  (There is also a useful
article about the issue by Davita Glasberg in the December 1981 issue of
Social Problems, though the Brooks chapter is more usable as a teaching
case).  The only problem with this case is that it's getting old.

2. Mark Twain Bancshares (available from Harvard Business School case
services) is a fabulous case for illustrating network-based competitive
advantage.  It focuses primarily on MTB's unique way of building networks
into local communities via boards of directors.  Brian Uzzi's article on
embeddedness in middle-market banking (ASR 1999) is very useful for this

3. The other case that I've had good experience with is written by me and
Margot Sutherland on industry peer networks in the construction industry
(part of a larger research project with Stoyan Sgourev of Stanford).  The
case illustrates how these networks may enhance learning and motivation in
ways that is hard to obtain via the market. The case is called Business
Networks and is available both from Stanford (
<> ) and from
Harvard Business School case services.



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Dear colleagues,

has anybody of you experience with using the case method in teaching
inter-organisational relations and networks?
I would appreciate very much to share experiences on this.

Best wishes,


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