I have enjoyed the to and fro of discussion about retention and disposal
policies and scheduling. Just the kind of aimless frivolous chat that makes
people look at us sideways ... and leave the room hurriedly.

I am working for the PRO in the UK - we are looking for a supplier of ERMS
software and are contemplating HOW we will ask them to make retention and
disposal work in an electronic environment.

One issue is that the RM mindset can look at R&D as a folder-level activity
- however folders and classes and series and hierarchies are much more
malleable and infinite in variety in the electronic world.

Creating retention classes - and asking users to link a document to such a
class upon creation/capture - seems the best way to proceed. However asking
the users to name and file and add any metadata is a big enough ask - is
adding retention decisions at this point a feather with back-breaking

Has anyone on the list actually implemented an ERMS with a retention and
disposal mechanism that works?


Liz Wilson

PS my tenure at the PRO is only for another few weeks. Just enough time to
sign of the Statement of Requirements!


Elizabeth Wilson
Information and Communications Technology
Public Record Office
Kew, Richmond
Surrey, UK. TW9 4DU
Telephone: 020 8876 3444 ext. 2516

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