Hi all

I followed up with an e-mail to the company in question, and this is the
response I received.

Linda Joshua
Iron Mountain Consulting Services
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Telephone - (323) 981-8644 x209
Fax (323) 981-8655

Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention. We experienced some
computer problems over the weekend, we are hopeful that they are repaired.
Would you please, if possible, apologize to the people in charge and also
let us know what we can do to apologize publicly.

Candice Bobeck.

>>> "Linda Joshua" <[log in to unmask]> 03/18/02 11:11AM >>>
To whom it may concern

Are you aware that a representative of your company sent out the following
message to 1600 records management professionals on the records management


Date:    Sun, 17 Mar 2002 17:51:26 -0500
From:    Jack bobeck <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Re: Lurkers

Cock suker and sun of a bitch remove me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

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