Thank you very much for taking the time to thoughtfully express a business
archivist's point of view and incidentally answering questions I had but
did not ask.

Historical documents, and historical media I can conceptualize.  But our
records management storage companies cannot deal with archival stuff - Rose
Parade float models, facility models, a groundbreaking shovel and artworks,
for example.  It looks like since Records Management is getting these
questions, we have to be part of the solution - at least in getting an idea
of what cost centers have materials and where an Archivist would fit in.

Tangent -Thank you also for deleting my posting in your reply.  I too get
the listserv in digest form and had to shut my eyes and scroll because
posters had kept the scatological posting in their replies.  Although I
like to see my name in print, once per digest is enough.

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