I agree, my comments were directed towards those Records Managers actually
doing the work <g>. I would never presume to say that you folks that are
working at the strategic level (not often enough we find a person willing to
stand up and carry banner of SIM) should take on an entire new discipline. I
am just thankful that a person of your courage has come forward to say SIM
it. More power to you. I thought I was going to be the only one to say go
for it. SIM is the way to go. Of course if no Record Manager recognizes this
bold step for its historical implications and preserves the record of your
great achievement for the Archivist to maintain, PA will probably end up
with the credit.


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Chris wrote: The archival profession is a discipline unto itself. Study
hard, learn the
methodology and theory and  take the certification test.

I agree completely on the first sentence. There are in our environment
records/document managers, archivists and librarians. I'm brave enough to
claim to be in the first group, I still have the qualifications but
haven't done any librarianship (except at a Strategic - sorry Larry -
level) for some years. I've been much too busy over the last three years
getting up to speed and new qualifications in EDM to get around to
archives. If I go further it will probably be into Business Intelligence
or the whole KM imbroglio rather than archives.

I'm NOT repeat NOT knocking Archives or archivists. But somehow I just
never seem to get the priorities right on the certification, my
organisation doesn't seem to give it much priority either (that's called
strategic alignment). If I need an archivist I hire one short term.


Glenn Sanders
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These views are mine alone. They may or may not be those of any previous
or present employers or clients. I don't know. If I'd asked and they'd
agreed, I would have signed it "Bloggs and Co and Glenn". Or whatever. But
I haven't, so I didn't.

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