My name is Cleveland Brown and I am the Records Administrator for Progress
Investment Management Company. I have recently been handed the task of
developing a RM Program for my company. The whole ENRON fiasco, to say the
least, has me on edge in the realm of record retention. Our current
retention program is, "keep it we might need it later."

Although I have some knowledge of Record Management, I am new to the
Securities and Investment Sector. If anyone could coach me on a tactical
approach I would be most grateful. To make it even more interesting, ENRON
is one of our clients. We currently have assets of 25 million vested in one
of our funds, but have yet to receive any instructions or subpoenas act this
time. Its business as usually.

We purchased a DMS from a company called iManage Inc. to manage our
electronic documents and CTI software for imaging. Any feedback on these two
companies or it's products are also welcomed.

Thanks in advance to those that reply.

Cleveland Brown
Records Administrator
415-512-3480 ext.#229
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