We currently have a debate going on one of the local listservs about what
sanctions could or should be imposed by a professional organisation. If
doctors and lawyers can be banned from practicing, wht not us? How would
that look on your CV - Glenn Sanders, BA, MBII, RMAA (expelled) ????

Geez Glen,

ARMA can't even convince everyone that SIM is a good idea. Could you hear
the roar as Records Managers were told they had to pass a competency test to
practice in the field of Records Management. Would we trust our peers to
manage such an operation?
Who would lead such a movement? If you can't a Records Manager what would a
person be able to do, become a lawyer?

Not a bad idea though, why not work of a prospectus, submit it to ARMA
leadership for approval and funding and we can discuss how first few months
went in New Orleans.

Chris "Is it Friday yet" Flynn

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