Date:    Tue, 26 Mar 2002 08:30:57 -0700
From:    Scott Swanson <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Charge Back by State Agencies?

Do any of you who work for State agencies charge back for scanning,
indexing and QA on imaging or microfilm jobs, just capture the supply
costs (film, CD's, etc.), or charge nothing at all?  If you do
chargeback, what structure do you use (by the image, time, box, etc)?
We have traditionally charged back for the just the supply costs but as
we expand further into imaging our equipment and labor costs have gone
up substantially.=20

Thanks in advance

Scott Swanson, CRM
Idaho Transportation Dept

In Delaware, we used to distribute an annual request form where government
agencies indicated how much filming they anticipated for the upcoming fiscal
year, and we would subsequently build those funds into our budget request. We
then absorbed all filming costs. However, over the years the legislature
granted smaller and smaller percentages of our request until demand far
outpaced resources (the last year we went through the exercise, requests were
10,000+ cf - the funding covered @1800 cf), so we started encouraging the
agencies to move to pay-as-you-go filming, with funds requested in their
budgets paying us as a vendor. That helped some but not nearly enough.

We have now set up an outsourcing relationship with an imaging vendor to assume
 the pay-as-you-go agency operational filming, dedicating DPA resources to
preservation filming and filming of permanent records.

James R. Frazier, CRM
Government Services Manager
Delaware Public Archives
121 Duke of York Street
Dover, DE 19901
SLC:  D575B
302-739-2578 (fax)
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