"That is one of my organizations biggest problems, everyone who attends a
meeting within our organization is saving their copy of the agendas and
minutes of the same meeting.  Plus we have a lot of scribblers also and in
fact it has cost our company in litigation.  I won't comment on what was
written.  I have tried to educate that the meeting organizer is responsible
to maintain the official agenda and minutes of the meeting and each attendee
can hang on to their copy departmentally for a period of time and then it
should be destroyed.  Any comments of whether this is good or in which ways
this would be bad is appreciated."

Tracey, that's one of the benefits of a centralized records area.  Staff can see
what  is retained and duplicates can be disposed of.    Although a centralized
system may not be practical for all your files, if space allows, you may want to
allot space for your agenda's in a centralized area governed by records staff.

Before we had a centralized records area we had the same problem, but not

 John Annunziello
Records Manager
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

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