We have all had the experience of wanting to check a URL someone includes in
a message, finding that the link is so long it has wrapped to two or even
more lines in our email. Typically this is what happens when a link to an
article is cited -- the URL is blocks long.

Now there is a way for any of us who might be sharing such a lengthy URL to
shorten it quickly, easily, and for free. Log on to <>  and copy the
long URL into the box there. A new URL, short enough for a single line, will
be generated, and you can plug that into your email message. Those who want
to see the link click the short URL and they are only briefly directed to a
"makeashorterlink" page that redirects them immediately to the long URL.

Try it! I bet you'll like it!


Roger Winters
Electronic Court Records Manager
King County Department of Judicial Administration
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