Thank you for the information Ruth Kowal !
 I'm grateful for your interest about the reference enquiry and
 rereading the information now in this format, having read through it

Boston Public Library Assistant Director for Resources and Research
 Library Services Gunars Rutkovskis' files contain descriptive
 bibliography for the scope of many collections. It might be that the
 files weren't initially thought to be directly intended for other
 readers having been compiled by Mr. Rutkovskis and colleagues within
 that BPL Division. Yet the informational files there kept by
 Mr. Rutkovskis are subject to public records principles of the
 Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Please consider checking them out and
 let me know, give me some clues how to make a reference enquiry to
 read the contents of a bit of a batch of the files.

A descriptive bibliography team would gather the material and
 make more accessible to readers the BPL collections that elude.

Cheers! and best wishes,
 oo__  Don Warner Saklad

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