Alan Cote is the new head of the Massachusetts Public Records Division.
 As Commonwealth of Massachusetts Supervisor of Public Records he
 oversees a legal team that will followup on your requests for
 public records of your city's public libraries. Ask for your city's
 public library's long range planning reports and studies. Read
 environmental reports about your city's public libraries' buildings.
 Ask for details about toxic cleaning materials and air quality in
 your public libraries buildings

 Have your city's public libraries supervisory, managerial or
 executive officials denied, delayed or lacked response to your
 requests for legitimately public records of the institution,
 of your public library?... Alan Cote and the Public Records
 Division team will help.

 Are you involved in union collective bargaining labor relations
 advocacy and need legitimately public records of your city's
 public library?... Ask Alan Cote and the Public Records Division!
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 Ironically our cities' public libraries reference desks have
 meager understanding in making the legitimately public records
 of the very same public library available as with other
 public libraries collections

 Legitimately public background information about our cities' public
 libraries should be aquisitioned and accessioned as should other
 municipal departments public records for readers interested or
 concerned whether public library users, public libraries personnel,
 spouses, family, friends or public libraries unions collective
 bargaining labor relations advocates.

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