A Senior Vice President of our company is getting ready to retire at the end
of March.  He's been here since 1969 and has a tremendous amount of
corporate history in his head.  What he knows will never be found in the
records of the company.  I asked him if he would consider doing an ORAL
HISTORY for our archives.  He said yes!

Here's my dilemma.  I'm looking for any thoughts or ideas you can share on
this subject.  What I need to know is... How do I begin to organize this
task?  Are there proven best ways to collect an oral history?

I am not an archivist or communications major.  I'm a records manager who
has no training in collecting oral histories.  We do not have a professional
archivist on staff.  I've done a cursory search on the internet looking for
a "how to" instruction sheet and called a fellow ARMA member whose advise I
respect.  Thank you in advance for your help.  I value your thoughts and
will post the results.

Arlyce J Vogel, CRM
Wisconsin Electric - Wisconsin Gas
Milwaukee, WI
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