>But would they have hired you without a CRM? I know several people in jobs
>that "required", "preferred", etc but they still hired a non-CRM and before
>you go there not all of those positions were paying dirt, if you know what I

"Required" is very specific language... I wouldn't want to be the firm that
hired a non-CRM, irrespective of their other qualifications, over a CRM
with lesser qualifications in a courtroom defending my decision
afterwards.  "Preferred" on the other hand gives pretty extensive wiggle
room in making a selection.

>What I have found also is that many positions require a CRM because a
>previous CRM put that stipulation in the job description before they left.

While the prior employee many times has the ability to offer suggestions,
they seldom influence the decision sufficiently to make this an issue.  On
the other hand, if a more senior individual in the department is a CRM,
they may make a strong recommendation for consideration of the certification.

>I am not saying I do not want a CRM. I am looking at all options that provide
>personal and career benefits as well as opening a diversity of doors in the
>records management profession.

This is a late entry into the fray, but suffice to say like any
certifications or continuing education, the primary reason for getting it
is because YOU want it and feel it's of value to you in your chosen
profession or as a "career choice".  I've been in RIM for 30 years and
don't have it...  I had an excellent opportunity to obtain it some 18 years
ago, when I had an employer who would have given me time to study, I could
have easily been proctored and my 20-20 hindsight says I should have done it.

Do I feel I need it?  No... am I still considering sitting for it? Yes...
but now, it's a matter of finding the time.  Why am I doing it?  Because
*I* want to.


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