I thought this thread was going to die but then Larry brings it back to
life. "They" say that in order to get a point across it needs to stated
seven different ways. So here is number eight:

Tattoo this
Getting your CRM is like getting a tattoo.
It is a highly personal choice
It is very painful
It does very little in the way of providing obvious benefits.
When you tell your mother you are going to get one the inevitable question
is always "you're getting a what?"
It's way cool
Until you find a use for it, it just sits there looking good
Those that have one always seek out others to tell them how painful it was
getting it.
A person that has one, tends to want another that is a little bit different
Anyone that doesn't have one thinks its stupid
Those that are most vocal in opposition to getting one tend to be the ones
lacking the guts to do it
While you can get rid of it, the mark remains with you for life
The sanity of anyone getting one is almost immediately questioned

The list goes on and on

Keep in mind that tattooing is old hat now and the youth of America have
moved on to branding and other forms of self expression. Will the CRM change
to meet the demands of the new generation? Will the CRM become a cast off of
the new information age seeking a more painful and permanent way to mark the
mangers of information?

Chris Flynn CA CRM
Records Officer
University of Idaho
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