Implementing a structure for capture of metadata is a critical component
for a successful enterprise-wide document management system, especially if
you operate in multiple locations and/or in distinct organizations within
your enterprise.

There is also a need to move forward with this concept to enable the use of
documents in E-commerce environments and without establishing an agreed
upon structure for the fields used to identify certain elements of
documents through metadata, these effort will be stalled even longer.

While there is no question it will be difficult to get everyone on the same
page, there are extensive efforts being undertaken to attempt to get a
handle on the range of projects related to metadata categorization and
capture going on currently.

One of the notable efforts is in AIIM's Standards Committee (a draft copy
of the Standard is available on the AIIM Standards Web Page at ) At the Committee meeting this past week,
more work was also done towards developing a Standard for "XML for the
Exchange of Document Images and Related Metadata".

Additionally, a decision was made to go forward with the preparation of a
Technical Report on an "Enterprise Information Tag (EIT)", which while not
metadata, is intended for use to provide a unique identifier for
application based documents that has the potential to improve greatly the
manner in which similar documents are identified and differentiated between.

Will it be easy to come to a decision on how to settle this issue,
definitely not.  But it's better to get started and attempt to resolve the
situation before we're a few terrabytes deeper into the pile.


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