We've had metadata for several hundred years actually. Used to be called
catalogue cards, index cards, leger books, registers. One of my lecturers
in 1970 used to call it "document surrogates" (we hadn't invented the word
metadata back then).

And I agree, if you don't keep the document, why keep the metadata? I see
no BUSINESS need to keep metadata, unless you have a need to keep minimal
info so you can prove a document was destroyed in accordance with official
policy. Even then, print it out, put it in a box and store it somewhere
cheap. Then delete the metadata.


Glenn Sanders
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These views are mine alone. They may or may not be those of any previous
or present employers or clients. I don't know. If I'd asked and they'd
agreed, I would have signed it "Bloggs and Co and Glenn". Or whatever. But
I haven't, so I didn't.

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