<<Some of these folks have local "historians" who in their love for history
talk the county official into saving literally everything ...

Whether you can ever get the "good" records out of these folks for the state
archives depends on exactly how diplomatically you deal with these people.
Frankly, it would be political suicide in many cases to pursue forcing such
offices to destroy records that they have chosen to keep far beyond their
retention requirements.


Excellent point, Dean!  And in 20/20 hindsight, I had (have) no reason to
fear posting about areas where I and my boss disagree.  I like to think of
it as "he's the politician, I'm the bureaucrat (and both of us proud of it,
too!)" - meaning that we bring different, and equally valuable, perspectives
to the work we do here.

The day's getting better.  (It sort of had to, from there.)

Best to all,


Nina M. Osier, Director
Division of Records Management Services
Maine State Archives
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