Forgive me, Deborah, but you may be asking for more surety than one can hope
for (no harm in hoping, of course).  Certainly there was no previous CRM
clearing a path for positions and opportunities I have obtained so your
concern in that regard does not apply to me personally.  The "or equivalent"
that any employer with any sense includes in opportunities means that a job
can require X,Y, and Z but a person with the unforeseen Q, R and S gets it.
Personal attributes, learning, attitude, related experience, etc. all plays
into a hiring decision. Likely, so to will the prejudices (positive and not)
of the hirer. That's why I urge a focus on the learning you'll acquire more
than the letters at the end of your name.

I'll be bold and suggest that for all the truth in the "they don't value us"
argument so often characterizing RM gatherings, the fact is, if we valued
ourselves effectively "they" wouldn't have much option.

I suggest that sketching out your personal career goals and objectives,
planning for the levels and positions you want to achieve over time, looking
at personal and professional growth as both the requirement and the
reward...then your answers will begin to fall into place.  When I'm working
with coach clients, it is often about finding the right questions. The
answers follow.

Far more important than "who will hire me if I get X" is "who do I want to
work with and what do I need to do to be attractive to them".

Good luck!


John J. O'Brien, CRM, MLT
Consultant, Speaker, Facilitator, Coach
Knowledge Resource Development & Change Management
ISI Global - Interactive Strategies, Inc.
President, Board of Regents
Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM)

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But would they have hired you without a CRM? I know several people in jobs
that "required", "preferred", etc but they still hired a non-CRM and before
you go there not all of those positions were paying dirt, if you know what I
mean. What I have found also is that many positions require a CRM because a
previous CRM put that stipulation in the job description before they left. I
am not saying I do not want a CRM. I am looking at all options that provide
personal and career benefits as well as opening a diversity of doors in the
records management profession.


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