amen ... if that's permitted.  I just had a luncheon meeting with a client
and we discussed the same topic.  He's in the public sector and has been
shuffled from body to body and still can't get a straight answer.  Retention
established by rule, except you can't find the rule.

I would love to see each piece of legislation that requires records have a
minimum retention period established.

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> Bob, thank you for pointing out that when state (and all other)
> enact laws (and make agency rules) that require organizations to make and
> keep records, they do not clearly specify the retentions in any way.  It
> bugs me too that laws are not written to a template so that the retention
> requirements, if any, are in one section or set apart by "Retention
> Requirement: the PDQ report form shall be kept by whoever for however many
> units of time after defining event" so the burden of research on every
> organization with a records management program is lifted.  Then amendments
> to the recordkeeping requirements are put in the same section.
> Maybe laws should be redrafted by process analysts, technical writers or
> engineers.
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