So we have a Goddess (Great!), and now its Peter and the Wolfe. Do I detect
a mythology/folk tale theme here?

Congratulations to Peter (who I thought WAS a list owner when I first

Amanda Cossham

> From: Marc Wolfe <[log in to unmask]>
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> Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 07:37:39 -0500
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> Subject: ADMIN: Newest listowner
> We are pleased to announce the addition of a third co-owner to the RECMGMT-
> L list, Peter A. Kurilecz.
> For various reasons comprehensive owner coverage of the list and requests
> to the owner has become problematic.  Susan brought up the idea of adding
> another person to the owner list and due to press of time left the
> selection in my hands.
> After long and careful thought (can't just let anyone in here, look what we
> got the last time a new owner was added . . .) I decided to ask Peter to
> join us.  In addition to his contributions to the list Peter has
> consistently taken it upon himself to provide a copy of subscription
> management options to those who post such inquiries to the list.
> Such dedication should not go unpun^H^H^Hrewarded.
> On the balance of his contributions and considering his qualifications and
> mien, he was my choice.
> We already have a list Goddess and a listmom - I leave it to Peter to
> choose his own job title.
> Welcome to the bridge, Flash
> Listmom Marc
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