I'm certain you have heard of this term when justifying reasons for
outsourcing. Peter Drucker first advocated this concept. Businesses should
concentrate on their core or revenue producing activities and outsource
others. In RIM it meant a push to outsourcing RIM activities. I never favored
this concept. Not to negate the value of outsourcing but mainly due to my
concern for the importance of RIM. The Enron/Anderson situation strengthened
my position in this regard. I was very pleased to get further support of this
position when I saw the article "FBI Unveils Reforms After McVeigh Audit." In
the article (LA Times 3/20/02) FBI chief Robert Mueller stated:

"Among the changes, he said, is making record-keeping a "core function" of
the FBI mission. This has not been the case in past years.......In short, he
added, "records management and integrity are core functions that demand the
same level of attention and accountability as any function we undertake. It
must be part of our culture."

How about that!! Stand up and take note management.

Bill Benedon

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