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> Subject: Re: Offsite Storage
> Is it necessary to actually keep the product itself?  We don't keep the
> product - just the label, as the record material (formulation
> information)is contained in the label.

We have done vaults for "Retained Sample" and Stability Samples" for the
pharmaceutical industry. In Retained Samples, we keep the vault at the
normal operating environment of a home or office where drugs might be stored
in a medicine cabinet or a Pharmacy shelf. On the Stability Sample, the
temperature is designed to maximize the longevity of the drug to see if it
changes over time or so the same material can be tested at a much later time
for. In both cases the control of the temperature and humidity is rigidly
controlled or the material reside in refrigeration units inside the vaults.


What I am having trouble understanding is vaults for DNA and genomes? And if
DNA and genomes are so small as to be sub-microscopic, why are the vaults
huge? I never get these answers because the minute we are done, we are given
a check, told nice job, get the hell out of here and never mention our
company again. Plus they do not have sinks or floor drains that go anywhere
but a reservoir tank as they do not want anything to leave the site except
in controlled, tested batches. Come to think of it I experience bouts of
invisibility now and then! My wife says that whenever a job needs a helping
hand, I become invisible. Although my ability to reflect the light spectrum
seems to redevelop at meal times. Well there are some things science or the
Listserv will never comprehend.
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