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> Steve,
> I do consulting for a RM software company that utilizes an =
> intranet/internet module, allowing company personnel to query and view =
> data info, as well as tender requests and checkouts.  The company is =
> Thoroughbred Technologies, Inc. in Houston, TX and the software is named =
> OPUS.  As an outside consultant, I have been impressed with the =
> product... there are other quality RM software products available also.

Apart from Anne Taylor's posting, most of the comments in this thread have
focussed on how their organizations are using intranets more generally, with
little said about how intranets are being used to support RM services. Could
we hear more from those who are using intranets to deliver access to digital
records, directory information for paper records, retention schedules, RM
policies/procedures, etc., and what if any RM issues have arisen for
organizations where records are appearing on the intranet that are not being
captured into the RM system?


Rick Barry (soon to become

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