Well, I must admit the that the people that y'all
declared independence from were my ancestors, so I
suppose I should sulk about it, but in the spirit of
reconcilliation, congratulations.  We never were any
good at that military thing anyway.

On a more serious note, I have somehow gotten on to a
spam list from something called that
sends advertisements that cannot be deleted.  They are
infuriating because they are graphics-intensive html
files that take forever to download (just the thing
when you're downloading e-mail in a hotel at 3 bucks a
minute long distance, and they've sent 40 of the damn
things), but now they won't go away.  I've tried
deleting, dragging and dropping, moving , etc., all to
no avail.  FYI the worst offenders advertise the PC
Mall, and they lock up the netscape mail function when
you try to delete them, so you have to exit and restart
netscape to even read your other mail.  Any tech-savy
listservians out there with a solution?

John Montana
Montana & Associates
29 Parsons Road
Landenberg PA 19350

Trim, Carol wrote:

> Yeah Texans!  6th Generation.  Families settle Seguin Texas.
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> Subject: OT: Texas Independence Day
> Yes this post is off-topic, but so what!
> Today marks the 166th anniversary of Texas Independence as declared at
> Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas on March 2, 1836.
> In honor of this most auspicious day I thought the members of these
> lists
> (archivist, recmgmt-l and achives-nra) would be interested in taking a
> little
> test.
> The test can be found by clicking on the following link or
> copying-n-pasting
> it into your browser.
> The Dallas Morning News also has an answer sheet available.
> And what connection does the UK have to Texas? Well Great Britain
> recognized
> the Republic of Texas as an independent nation. One can find a bronze
> plaque
> in London that memorializes the location of the Texas embassy in that
> city.
> Best wishes to all
> Peter (an expat Texan) Kurilecz
> Richmond, Va
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