So, don't know how many others of you were there that I didn't meet up
with, but got to spend some time conversing and rubbing elbows with
names I'm familiar with from the list and ARMA over the past 4 days, the
notable entries in my face to name recognition table are:

Patrick Cunningham
Ginny Jones
Hugh Smith (Firelock)
Bob Tillman (ARMA)
Sara Pratt-Pronek (ARMA)
Bob Breslawski (C-22)
Bob Blatt (C-22)
Betsy Fanning (AIIM Standards)
Charles Dollar ($ Consulting)
Bob Williams (Cohasset)
Herb White (AIIM TAG)
Dan Elam (C-22)
Bill Neale (AIIM TAG)

And aothers that I'm sure I'm forgetting to add.... some of these folks
I've met over the past years, others I've "cyber-known" for MANY years
and never gotten to connect a face with the words until now.

Overall, the show was okay, simply put, just another show with a lot of
signs about content management and knowledge, but not a whole lot of
either content OR knowledge.  There were some pretty interesting
products and a couple of vendors I'm hoping to stay in touch with to see
how their products pan out, specifically NORSAM (the Rosetta-HD), Lizard
Technologies (DjVu), K-PAR (Archimedia) and naturally, the fantastic
product that our own List's Hugh Smith sells, Firelock (custom built

The EDMS/ERMS/Content Mgmt systems had a lot of hype, but when you
started asking the real hard questions about classification, retention,
expungement,  and other issues RIMs are concerned about it's the same
old game, "Oh yeah, we can do that.... but you have to build it in" or
"Sure, we have partners that can integrate those functions... now what
exactly do you mean by expungement, removing the pointers in the index,
right?" =)

If you're looking for systems that will store anything forever, allow
you random searching and access to the information and full-text
searching... there were a bunch of those.  If you're looking for capture
packages that can build smart taxonomy searches and index everything
donwn to the word level, there were a TON of those, too.

If you were at the show and I missed you, hopefully we can "hook up" at
a future gathering!


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