A couple of articles in last week's RAIN postings dealt with major
scanning efforts being undertaken by state and city agencies to scan and
create electronic "centralized repositories" of records pertaining to
school systems, personnel, accounting and procurement.

I'm wondering if any of the members of this list who work in those types
of environments can tell me how they perform their system backups and
remain consistent with privacy laws for personnel records and other
statutes relative to the handling of student records?

When these servers get backed up, there would seem to be the potential
for records which have very specific retention periods and many privacy
issues associated with their handling to be commingled with other
records and possibly end up being handled in a manner inconsistent with
RIM best practices.

How do you ensure when IT backs up servers this doesn't take place and
that the backup tapes for these records are held for the appropriate
retention periods?


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