My guess is that the company as changed either the formula used to make the adhesive or the label coating.  Ask the vendor to check with the manufacture.

We recently had a problem with labels we had used since 1993.  When we ask the company salesman if there had been any changes made to the adhesive, we got "same labels as always, nothing has changed".  When I ask the salesman to humor me and find out from the company about the adhesive, he discovered that there had in fact been a change to the adhesive formula. Additionally, the company was having so much trouble they were going back to the original adhesive formula.

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In the past we've been able to place the new strip labels over the old, individual sticky labels as we've converted our files to the new format.  Recently, however, we've begun to have problems with the strip labels not sticking and we're not sure why the sudden change.

We did notice that the last batch we ordered seemed to be thicker, or stiffer, than the previous ones.  We've also noticed a change in the mylar strips we were using, in that the new ones seem to be a bit heavier.

When I questioned our vendor about the labels not sticking, I was given the answer that whoever applied the labels must have had lotion on their hands when they applied them.  The problem with that answer is that I applied them and I don't use lotion.

We've tried various situations including using old and new mylar, lotion and no lotion and other combinations but nothing seems to make a difference.

The labels we've been using are Tab 6324-00.  Not sure who manufacturers the mylar strips.  No labels on them.

Any ideas?  Also any idea how to "repair" the ones that are starting to peel?

Charis Wilson
Records Manager
Tom Brown Inc.
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