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>Well, I must admit the that the people that y'all
>declared independence from were my ancestors, so I
>suppose I should sulk about it, but in the spirit of
>reconcilliation, congratulations.  We never were any
>good at that military thing anyway.

For an interesting perspective ie the Tejano view check out this story from
today's Dallas Morning News
Texas war separated families, but outcome separated cultures
Descendants of brothers who took opposing sides come together
By ED TIMMS / The Dallas Morning News
SAN ANTONIO  It's a tale of two brothers who reluctantly found themselves
on opposing sides in war and a people who became alienated and
disenfranchised in their own land.
 Gregorio Esparza manned a cannon at the Alamo and died in battle. Francisco
 Esparza was conscripted into the Mexican army that laid siege to the former
mission and survived.

>On a more serious note, I have somehow gotten on to a
>spam list from something called that
>sends advertisements that cannot be deleted.

Soooooooo? Where have you been net-surfing of late?

A quick search on Google turned up a bunch of links that lead you to places
on's website for unsubbing from them. A very interesting
company to say the least

Basically looks like a real nasty spammer to me.

good luck


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