I think you owe me and ____________. While I no doubt deserve to be
massively flamed for many the things I say on the list, those that carefully
READ my posting and follow the "complete" thread of a topic before coming
after me usually have something of merit to say. You seems to have skipped
at least three steps in bringing any of you tortured thought to so something
I did not say. It was PA that said it helps in "the long run". Do you
perhaps own a cabin in Montana?

Chris "boy did you pick the wrong day" Flynn

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Subject: Re: To CRM or Not to CRM?

Chris Flynn wrote that the designation helps "in the long run".

Chris, for those of us with or without the CRM designation, would you be
so kind as to define how the designation helps "in the long run", as
opposed to something less than, or more than the "long run"?  If you
could be specific and not simply offer opinions, or popular (or
unpopular) beliefs about what the CRM designation may bring, or not
bring to one's career.  At least from this requestor, it is acknowledged
that most receptions can be viewed as a positive element of any
conference, and is this how the CRM designation benefits in the "long

With all due respect, this topic deserves accurate and documented
commentary that can be used in the successful support of the effort, and
investment (both monetary and time) in weighing whether, or whether not
the CRM designation helps "in the long run".

For instance:
Who does it help?
How does it help them?
What is the long run?
Does the long run end, and how might it end?
Etc., etc., etc.!  Famous quote by _______________?

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        Subject: Re: To CRM or Not to CRM?

        The lack of the CRM designation is not a hindrance, but having
        designation sure helps in the long run. Besides the ICRM
reception at the
        annual conference is always good.

        Peter Kurilecz

        To say PA put Tail Hook to shame at the last conference might be
        exaggeration. PA is right is saying are very few secret benefits
to getting
        certification.  I even know a couple of people (not in the
profession of
        course) that have lead comfortable, relatively happy, and
        lives without certification. Would they have changed the world
had they
        attained certification? Where would we be without Linus Pauling?
I say, stop
        arguing over whether the certification has merit. Take the test,
pass it and
        then >>>> and moan over something relevant like the exorbitant
fees, length
        of exam, format of the exam, maintenance credits etc. all of
which means
        nothing until you take the test. Look at your life. If you can
see merit in
        taking the test, take it. Will it make you the Linus Pauling of
        Management, maybe. If not, complain about it but at least you
will have a
        CRM when you do and as we all know that's what makes the
difference in any

        Chris "PA if you were my friend you would shoot me" Flynn

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