Denver Post 3/17/02
Action, please, on city's spy files,1002,85%7E466120,00.html

Denver Post 3/22/02
Webb picks 2 to review
Denver cops' 'spy files'
By Cindy Brovsky
Denver Mayor Wellington Webb on Thursday appointed two prominent members of 
the legal
community to oversee the audit of 3,400 Denver Police Department surveillance 
records of peaceful protesters and protesting groups.,1002,53%257E478742,00.html

Eyewitness News (Providence) 3/17/02
By Eyewitness News
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- Some government and law enforcement officials say 
legislation that would clear a felony from one's criminal record in five 
years instead of 10 is too extreme.
But the bill's sponsors say reducing the amount of time a felon must wait 
before asking a judge to wipe his or her record clean would help first-time 
offenders get a fresh start.
Otherwise those individuals could be hampered from getting a job, finding 
housing or
supporting a family.

Washington Post 3/18/02
Tighter Immigrant ID Rules Shut Doors
Schools, DMV Reject Undocumented

Reuters 3/18/02
Internet Body Director Sues for Access to Records
By Andy Sullivan
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The group that oversees the Internet's domain name 
system was slapped with a lawsuit Monday by one of its directors, who says he 
has been denied access to the organization's corporate records.

Newsbytes 3/19/02
ICANN President Says Board Member Can View Records

PRNewswire 3/18/02
USDA Documents Provide Proof of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus 
Abuse Of Elephants; ASPCA Obtains Records Under FOIA Lawsuit To Prove Cruelty

AP 3/19/02
Wisconsin public-records confusion continues
MADISON, Wis. — Lawmakers adjourned last week without resolving widespread 
over how public records are released to the public and when people should be 
notified that records naming them are released.
Bills that failed to pass either house of the Legislature before the end of 
lawmakers' regular two-year meeting period have to be reintroduced during the 
next session in January and start the process again. That means continued 
confusion about access to public documents, state officials say.

Siftings Herald 3/20/02
Man files lawsuit against Okolona undr FOI act
By Jim Newsom
OKOLONA - The City of Okolona and its mayor are being sued under the state's
Freedom of Information Act for the release of information about routine city 
Okolona resident James Paul has filed four separate Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) requests in Clark County Circuit Court seeking information about how 
the city
and its mayor, Joy McElhanon, are managing the city's government.

Denver Post 3/21/02
Animas records fight still churning
River group calls fee for access too costly
by Electa Draper
DURANGO - A decade of wrangling over Animas-La Plata records is not over 
recent court ruling.
Durango-based Taxpayers for the Animas River sued and won access to project 
documents once denied them by the Southwestern Water Conservation District, 
but now they can't
afford them, group members say. The group opposes the long-debated proposal 
for a dam and reservoir south of Durango.,1002,53%257E476069,00.html

Washington Times 3/21/02
Web sites told to delete data
By Bill Sammon
The White House yesterday ordered all federal agencies to scrub their Web 
sites of sensitive information on weapons of mass destruction and other data 
that might be useful to terrorists, The Washington Times has learned.

WIRED 3/22/02
Anti-Copy Bill Hits D.C.
By Declan McCullagh
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Fritz Hollings has fired the first shot in the next legal 
battle over Internet piracy.
The Democratic senator from South Carolina finally has introduced his copy 
protection legislation, ending over six months of anticipation and sharpening 
what has become a heated debate between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.
The bill, called the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act 
(CBDTPA), prohibits the sale or distribution of nearly any kind of electronic 
device -- unless that device includes copy-protection standards to be set by 
the federal government.
Translation: Future MP3 players, PCs and handheld computers will no longer 
let you make all the copies you want.,1294,51245,00.html

Taunton Gazette 3/22/02
Taunton police cut back records dept. hours
TAUNTON -- The Police Department records division, located in the lobby of 
the 23 Summer St. station, will be closed on Wednesdays for the foreseeable 
future until workers can catch up on a four-month backlog of records requests.
Police Chief Raymond O'Berg said the closing of the records division will not 
affect the department's ability to police the city, because the records 
division is staffed by civilians, not police officers.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette 3/22/02
SJC says T&G lawyers must see police records
By John J. Monahan
Telegram & Gazette Staff
BOSTON-- The Supreme Judicial Court yesterday upheld a Superior Court order 
letting lawyers for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette review police misconduct 
case records
to evaluate the city's claims that they should be kept secret from the public.

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