I do consulting for a RM software company that utilizes an intranet/internet module, allowing company personnel to query and view data info, as well as tender requests and checkouts.  The company is Thoroughbred Technologies, Inc. in Houston, TX and the software is named OPUS.  As an outside consultant, I have been impressed with the product... there are other quality RM software products available also.  I conduct evaluations for various business entities, and the product fills adapts to their individual needs well, any issues that I've seen have been addressed through modification for the client.

Aaron A. Taylor
Records Systems Management
15100 Ella Blvd
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  Hi All,

  I am beginning to look at utilizing an intranet to accomplish the sharing of

  Anyone using an intranet already ? What issues did you have to address ? Did
  you find a lot of duplication in information? Was it helpful in the end ?

  Any thoughts would be welcomed.



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