Miami Herald 3/24/02
Cruise mergers: A sea of paperwork

Business Wire 3/25/02
Gartner Says Most Small and Midsize Businesses Are Not Prepared for a Crisis

San Antonio Business Journal 3/28/02
District clerk to lead state 'E-standards' panel

New York Times 3/28/02
As the Web Matures, Fun Is Hard to Find

The Brownsville Herald 3/28/02
City requirements change county warehouse plans

Straight Goods 3/22/02
Increasing surveillance of online learning
threatens academic freedom

Houston Chronicle 3/24/02
Scare tactics educate workers about ID theft

New York Times 3/25/02
Law Limiting Internet in Libraries Challenged

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 3/25/02
State to review HMSA’s policy on medical records

Government Technology March 2002
Off the Record
Federal and state courts are beginning to set policies for protecting
personal information in electronic public records, but doing so is a
delicate balancing act.

The Electric Accountant 3/27/02
Ways And Means Acts to Tighten Safeguards for Taxpayers
numContentID=6328&numTaxonomyID=179 3/27/02
Study finds Web sites prying less
Shift may reflect consumer concerns, authors say 3/27/02
Survey: Web Sites Collect Less Data

Wired 3/28/02
Privacy Gets Some Respect,1294,51379,00.html

St. Petersburg Times 3/29/02
Keep medical records private

New York Times 3/30/02
A Loss to Medical Privacy

AMNews April 2002
Doctors keep up the push to ease burdens of privacy rule

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