>Do you keep the metadata for every e-mail sent and
received by city
                >employees after they are destroyed? 

When I say ALL I need to qualify that... ;-) All records tracked through
the Records
Management System disposal process. Theoretically, yes, that could
include e-mail
records, attachments, etc. That's not to say that everything would go
through that process.

According to the Washington State Archives, from whom we get our
retention guidance, the
retention schedule for Public Records Destruction Log is Permanent,
Essential Record. It
doesn't cite specific information that needs to be retained, so I guess
one can interpret that
however that however they want.

                >What about the metadata for each of the
                >individual records in a contract or personnel file?

Absolutely! Each object (Box, Folder, Document), even after destroyed,
could have
elements that we would want to retain.

                >Do we risk accusation of selective destruction if we
decide to retain 
                >metadata on every record destroyed? Will we be
compelled to produce
                >a record that is not specifically on the list of
disposed records? What if we
                >only keep metadata on a limited number of record
series, can we be accused
                >of hiding evidence?

I don't see these risks being minimized by not retaining metadata. It's
a problem
either way. As a public agency we get accused of just about everything,
regardless of any policy or procedure in place. If anything, retaining
the metadata
will make compliance more efficient and effective.

                >Has the recommendation changed that we do not attempt
                >to document disposition by listing individual items but
rather by broad
                >statements covering whole series of records?

Here's the rub I guess...In a paper-based world, using a RMS to keep
For destroyed Boxes and/or Files was good practice. Not so in the
digital environment!?
We haven't actually implemented our EDMS so maybe it's just not
practical long-term.

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