Call for Papers

International Conference on SocioPhysics

ZiF Bielefeld, Germany 6-9 June 2002

Scientific Coordination:
Frank Schweitzer ([log in to unmask]),
Klaus G. Troitzsch ([log in to unmask])

SocioPhysics has become an attractive field of research over the past
years, despite some controversies about its scientific eligibility and
potential use for the understanding of social phenomena.
This international conference tends to reflect these discussions: It
brings together scientists from various disciplines, such as physics,
sociology, informatics, demography, philosophy, political sciences,
economics. They will jointly discuss whether and to what extent
physical models and tools can be reasonably used to enhance
quantitative methods and computer simulations in the social sciences.
Further information about the conference, including a list of invited
speakers and their talks, can be found at the conference website:

There is no conference fee. The total number of participants is
limited to 70 persons. Applications for participation can be made
ONLY using the *application*form* provided on the conference website.
The deadline for applications is 12 April 2002, a notification about
acceptance will be made by end of April, 2002.

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