For our area "scannist" hams...who have been wondering if and when we
might be able to listen to digital comms at all now that everyone is moving
to the new digital modes...

  This is the most I've seen so far on digital-capable (APCO-25) scanners.
(This is forwarded from FLACOM-L.)

  They're what?...a year? two years overdue with these things? and STILL we
just get "pretty pictures."  8^)  I guess they're deliberately TRYING to
torture us all, in the meantime.

  At least these pictures come with descriptions of the capabilities of each
radio, so we can go to sleep and DREAM, at least, about holding one and
using it until the real things come out.



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> Check out the brochure for the new radios via the Strong Signals website:
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