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NEWS and EVENTS for the Gator Amateur Radio Club are listed on the club's
website at the following URL:

The following events are scheduled for April:

* CLUB Meeting: Wed Apr. 3rd   6:00 pm    Club Station  D11-27 DSB
* Gainesville Hamfest 2002: Sat. April 27  8:00 am - 2:00 pm Fairgrounds

* Picnic ???
Additionally, the club normally does a picnic over the summer.  However,
since many of you leave for the summer, discussion will be held at the
meeting for possibly having a picnic this month before finals.  If you
can't make the meeting, send me your suggestions for date/times/location.

* Graduating Seniors!!
For those who are graduating, please remember to turn in your station key
to Dr. Couch, one of the club officers, or myself.  Contacts for club
officers are on the website.

* Field Day
Staying in town for the summer?  Think about plans for Field Day!  This
year Field Day will be June 22-23.  The Gainesville club (GARS) will be
hosting Field Day at Santa Fe Community College.  GARC is always welcome
to participate with the GARS Field Day.  GARC has had a separate Field Day
in 1996 and in 2001.

* Fun events
If anyone has other ideas for social get-together activities, let your
club officers know!  Bowling night or pool night at the Reitz?  Order
pizza for the club meeting?  How about tubing at Itchetucknee?  Bring all
your great ideas.   See you at the meeting!


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