I am new at network analysis and I was encouraged by other socnet members to post my question on the list serve, so here I go.

I am looking for examples of network analysis done as an evaluation methodology to document the impact of social services on the social capital            (social support networks) of individuals receiving those services.

Specifically, I am evaluating a program designed to serve youth who are leaving the foster care system and will be living on their own for the first time in their lives. These youth have been removed from their biological families and lived in many foster care settings during their lives. One of the goals of this intervetion is to help the youth expand their support networks so they can make a successful tansition from dependance on the system to independence. I plan to use a comparison group approach to look at differences in social support networks of youth in the program versus youth who don't get the program.

Examples will be helpful. Also, any thoughts as to what types of questions would help me get the network information that would allow me to show that the youths' support networks have expanded and that they will support their independence ( as opposed to expanding their network because they joined a gang!) Chris McCarty called it "good change", what could be the indicators of good change in this case.

Any help, thoughts, articles, suggestions and/or names will be welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help

Marcela G, Mayka
OMG Center for Collaborative Learning