* Florida
* Peninsular Florida from Leon County south to Monroe County
* Date 24 May 2002
* FLFL0205.24

-Birds mentioned:

-Common Loon
-Black-bellied Whistling Duck
-White-rumped Sandpiper
-Purple Sandpiper
-Corvus species (possible Common Raven)

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compilers: Charlie Ewell and Arlyne Salcedo
transcribers: Same

This is Charlie Ewell reporting the Florida Rare Bird Alert for 5/24/02.
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A Common Loon in alternate plumage was reported from Lake Ella in
Tallahassee 24 May.

5 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks were reported 19 May from the Viera Wetlands
(AKA Click Ponds, Brevard Co).

White-rumped Sandpipers were reported from western Palm Beach Co 19 May and
Ft De Soto County Park (Pinellas Co) on 22 May.

2 Purple Sandpipers were reported 21 May from the south jetty of Ponce de
Leon Inlet (Volusia Co).

An ELEGANT TERN was observed in a breeding colony of Royal and Sandwich
Terns in Audubonís Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries 23 May. The area is
not open to the public. However, coastal Pinellas County birders should be
aware of the Elegant Ternís continued presence, as well as possible Elegant
x Sandwich Tern individuals. (Note: Various reports and photos have
continued in the area of Honeymoon Island SRA and Ft De Soto County Park
since the original discovery of an Elegant Tern in Oct 1999 at Honeymoon
Island. An Elegant Tern was observed copulating twice with a Sandwich Tern
in April 2001, and photos of what is believed to be a hybrid at Ft De Soto
in Oct 2001 are at Lyn Athertonís website:

Click on the other dates to view the various Elegant Tern documentation
photos by Lyn.

A Corvus species, possibly a Common Raven, was reported 19 May from the
trees to the north of Headquarterís Pond at St Marks NWR (Wakulla Co).

ANTILLEAN NIGHTHAWK was reported from the Key West dump on Stock Island 15

3 Connecticut Warblers were reported from Spanish River Park 19-20 May in
Boca Raton (Palm Beach Co).

Shiny Cowbird was reported 19 and 22 May from the entrance to Arrowhead
picnic area at Ft De Soto County Park and behind the lodge in Flamingo, ENP
17 May.

-end transcript

Good Birding!

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