Hello Birders:

The gale force winds on Wednesday, the worst non-hurricane weather I have
ever seen at the beach, did not blow a lot of pelagics inshore.  I saw only
one Bridled Tern from the jetties at Ponce Inlet.

Despite NOAA's predictions the weather cleared and we were able to go
offshore to fish on Saturday in great conditions.  There were fair numbers
of typical late spring/early summer species, but no real rarities:

Cory's Shearwater - 2
Audubon's Shearwater - 6
Wilson's Petrel - 10+
Band-rumped Petrel - 5
Common Tern - 1 in a flock with other terns 50 miles offshore
Bridled Tern - 15+
Sooty Tern - 10+

Plus a very tired Cliff Swallow that landed on the boat 50 miles off and
rested for about 2 hours before taking off again.

Bob Wallace

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