The remarkably steady migration pattern during this April is indicated by
migration across the Florida Straits being detected on all but two nights
(5 and 6 April).  My subjective estimates of the volume of migration on the
other 28 nights were: light - 16, moderate - 7, heavy - 5.  The following
breakdown shows that migration was concentrated in the later part of the month.
1-10 April
none - 2
light - 6
moderate - 1
heavy - 1

11-20 April
light - 8
moderate - 2

21-30 April
light - 2
moderate - 4
heavy - 4

I will continue the study into May as long as there are detectable
flights.  It will be interesting to see when they drop off.

The Key West Spring 2002 Radar Study:


Noel Wamer
Jacksonville, FL, US
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