On Wed, 29 May 2002, Noel Wamer wrote:

> Probably not anymore, but you can imagine my surprise (Wow!) when I
> stumbled across a web page presenting pictures of a putative adult Kelp
> Gull at Captiva Island on March 12, 2002.
> The page...

Wow, indeed.  That's almost as good a find as the Gray-hooded Gull (first
N.A. record) that was seen and photographed at Apalachicola, FL in
December 1998, and I found out about only by reading American Birds some
time later.  Alas, I guess not everyone knows about FLORIDABIRDS-L (the
above is a New England birding club website).  According to the FOS
Records Committee website, only 1 previous report of Kelp Gull exists for
the state, but without verification (i.e., photo), it was not accepted.

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